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The badger cull has so far been piloted in Gloucestershire and Somerset. Should the pilot now be extended to other counties?

The Government is proposing to make an amendment to the Hunting Act. The change will relax the law and allow more hounds to be used to flush wild animals to waiting guns. Do you think MPs should vote ‘yes’ to this amendment, or ‘no’ and keep the Hunting Act the same?

Yes to the amendment: 55%

55% of the vote

No to the amendment: 45%

45% of the vote

Poll is closed

Which should become Britain's national bird?

Do you think changes in leadership and turning schools into academies is the way forward

Do you think there should be a cap on university fees?

Which Christmas advert do you prefer

Puxton Park in Somerset has banned single adults not accompanying children from its theme park. The park's boss thinks that a survey of 100 people would show support for the idea. What do you think? Should adults be banned?

No: 80%

80% of the vote

Yes: 20%

20% of the vote

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Man Utd have quietly crept into the top four of the Premier League. Where do you think they will finish this season?

Mid-table obscurity: 40%

40% of the vote

Champions League: 20%

20% of the vote

Europa League: 20%

20% of the vote

Relegation: 20%

20% of the vote

Winners: 0%

0% of the vote

Poll is closed

5 people have voted.

With the four-man bobsleigh at the Winter Olympics becoming mixed, should more sports allow women to compete against men?

Should Louis Suarez face a lifetime ban for biting Giorgio Chiellini during World Cup?

Bristol crocodile: Do you believe it really exists?

255 people have voted.

Do you support legislation to allow assisted dying for adults of sound mind with a terminal illness?

Yes: 67%

67% of the vote

No: 33%

33% of the vote

Neither support or oppose: 0%

0% of the vote

Don't know: 0%

0% of the vote

Poll is closed

Scientists have been able to reverse the ageing process, with the equivalent of making 60-year-old muscles 40 years younger. Would you reverse the ageing process if you could?

Does your MP deserve a £7,600 (11 per cent) pay rise?

Should bones of ancestors at Stonehenge be displayed publicly?

No: 93%

93% of the vote

Yes: 7%

7% of the vote

Poll is closed

Should fox-hunting with a full pack of hounds be allowed?

The Duchy of Cornwall's tax arrangements were widely criticised by MPs on the public accounts select committee. Should Prince Charles' huge estate be liable for corporation tax?

Are you happy with the care you receive from hospitals in the West Country?