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    1. Manchester United poised to sign Arturo Vidal for £60 million?
    2. Motorcycling: Barry Varndell hits 154mph at the sprint event
    3. Hereford United have go-ahead to start season
    4. Matt Taylor aims to earn the right to lead players at Cheltenham Town
    5. Horse Racing: Richard Hannon and Richard Hughes eye early success

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    1. New Environment Secretary Liz Truss criticised for not meeting enough Somerset farmers
    2. Didcot A power station towers go up in smoke in Oxfordshire
    3. RSPCA set to stop its hunt prosecutions
    4. Bidding for shale gas licensing opens, but campaigners warn of harmful effects
    5. Progress on Parkinson's revolutionise how the disease is treated
    6. 'Cow power' doing all the work for top dairy
    7. Ian Liddell-Grainger: Hot weather brings welcome relief as West Country tourism industry basks
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