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    1. Bath may take trip to Cardiff
    2. Ratu 'Toots' Vakalutukali returns as Taunton Titans go for key victory
    3. West ultra-distance specialist Nathan Montague has a big decision to make now
    4. People find Chelsea boring – Manager Jose Mourinho
    5. Gloucester City: Fight is getting tougher, says boss Tim Harris


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  1. Features

    1. Alfie Allen on what series five of Game of Thrones could have in store for Theon Greyjoy
    2. Fashion: From disco diva to hippy chic, spring has a Seventies vibe
    3. You don't have to spend a fortune to have a great garden
    4. Cornwall safari glamping and Crantock beach bliss
    5. Comedian Tony Hawks on family first, life in the West Country and book Once Upon a Time in the West
    6. Darren Boyd on his new role in maternity ward comedy The Delivery Man
    7. Gardening: Tips for outsmarting squirrels
  2. Events

    1. Curious About Bristol?
      Times: From  Wed, May 14 2014  to  Thu, December 31 2015
    2. Curious About Bath Spa?
      Times: From  Wed, May 14 2014  to  Thu, December 31 2015
    3. Salasa Dance Classes
      Times: From  Tue, August 05 2014  to  Tue, July 28 2015
    4. Line Dance Class
      Times: From  Wed, August 27 2014  to  Wed, August 19 2015
    5. Line Dance Classes West Pennard Village Hall
      Times: From  Sun, August 31 2014  to  Mon, August 24 2015