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    Yasmar  |  Saturday, March 29 2014, 5:07PM  |  Report
    Lost keys

    After loosing my keys I knew that an emergency call out was going to result in a hefty bill so I was pleasantly surprised when Mick from MR Locksmiths turned up and quickly gained access. I had spare keys inside so all I had to pay for was his call out which for an evening was very reasonable. In case you are wondering I have since found the missing keys. I would recommend MR Locksmiths, quick, reliable service. Thanks Mick.

    MR-Locksmith  |  Saturday, March 29 2014, 6:35PM  |  Report

    If you hadn't found your keys I would have advised you to have your locks changed. All is well that ends well. Glad I could help. No Call-Out fee just my normal rate. Let me know if you need help again. Thanks for the review.

  • Profile image for DorsetDr
    DorsetDr  |  Thursday, March 27 2014, 10:45AM  |  Report
    A job well done

    MR Locksmiths came out to change and upgraded the locks on my cottage, he was very professional and polite, and i couldn't be more pleased with his work, i thought it would be a challenge as the door is over 100years old!! But with plenty of tea, he got the job done, very pleased.

    MR-Locksmith  |  Thursday, March 27 2014, 11:21AM  |  Report

    It was a pleasure to work on such a lovely property. Thanks



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