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    ex3cut3d  |  Monday, June 16 2014, 6:47PM  |  Report
    Betta Living Bedrooms Reviews


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    2431PRICE  |  Friday, August 24 2012, 4:04PM  |  Report
    TV Dept

    I submitted a negative review in July regarding the service I received at Hatchers. Since then I had my Home Cinema unit repaired, which took five weeks. This delay wasn’t under their control as they were reliant on the manufacturer supplying the part required. They delivered the unit to me but it failed again. The same day they authorised an exchange to a 2012 model. However I decided to take a refund which they organised without a quibbling. They collected the faulty product that day. I would like to thank Tony form the TV Department for all his help. He made the experience much easier to bare. He restored my faith in the store and was polite and professional throughout.

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    2431PRICE  |  Wednesday, July 11 2012, 3:53PM  |  Report
    Audio TV Dept

    In November 2011 I bought a Panasonic TV and Home Cinema system from Thatchers as they had the products we wanted at a reasonable price and it meant giving a local store business. They mislead me over the lengths of the speaker cables so they had to exchange one of the speakers as the leads are built into the speakers and the cables couldn’t be replaced. This meant another 50 mile round trip to Taunton. They only changed it because the employee who served me admitted their mistake or they wouldn't have changed it. This would have left me with a system I couldn’t use. Over the last two days the Home Cinema unit developed a fault whilst down loading new software. Thatchers informed me they contacted the repair company but when I hadn't heard from the repair company they left it to me to call them. When I eventually got through to the repair company they didn't have a record of my details and Thatchers had not made them aware of the situation. Thatchers then informed me that I had to take the home cinema back to them so the repair company could collect it, a 50 mile round trip. There was no offer by Thatchers to see when one of their delivery vans was in my area, I had to suggest this, but the dept manager didn't seem interested only to say well you might have to wait sometime for it to be collected if you rely on us. Good old fashioned service I think not. My overriding impression of Thatchers staff are that they are only too keen to sell you goods but if anything goes wrong make sure you make note of your conversations with them as if they can riddle out of any responsibility they will. I will not use them in future totally dissatisfied. They only get one star as I had to tick one to submit the review. They don't deserve it.

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    DMAstairlifts  |  Thursday, January 05 2012, 11:59AM  |  Report
    Hatchers are Excellent. Loved the £1 breakfast over Christmas.

    Ken at DMA took all his team to Hatchers for a special Christmas breakfast. We had change from a £5 note!! Awaiting more Hatchers special deals.

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    Becky4923  |  Monday, May 16 2011, 1:28PM  |  Report
    Good old fashions department store

    Everything under one roof! It is a great one stop shop for all occasions and the staff are very welcoming and actually look like they want to be there to help (unlike allot of shop assistants!).

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    guitarholic  |  Tuesday, August 31 2010, 11:31AM  |  Report
    Great department store

    Hatchers of Taunton in the High Street is a great department store selling a huge assortment of products, from electrical goods to clothes. As an independent department store it offers a far more personal service than the big corporate chains, with a real understanding of the community and its needs.

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    Zumerset_Gal  |  Monday, August 23 2010, 10:31PM  |  Report
    great cafe too

    I have to say I really enjoyed my flapjack at Hatchers, I love them and am always amazed how much such a simple thing can vary in taste and quality. I didn't hold great hopes but I needed a sit down and didn't fancy anything else to eat that day and was pleasantly surprised.