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The Natterjack, Evercreech Junction, Evercreech, SHEPTON MALLET, BA4 6NA
  • Telephone: 01749 860253

Natterjack Inn


“Never had a bad meal and it is one of our two eating places of choice. Brilliant steaks.”

By AndrewRain | Tuesday, August 23 2011

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    AndrewRain  |  Tuesday, August 23 2011, 7:47PM  |  Report

    Never had a bad meal and it is one of our two eating places of choice. Brilliant steaks.

  • Profile image for Karma_Police
    Karma_Police  |  Friday, August 19 2011, 2:58PM  |  Report
    Another great place - great for a sunday pig out!

    The Natterjack is another of Shepton's 'local area' pubs. For me that means a great choice for a special meal or for a change. Located in Southwood, which is just past Evercreech, its a bit of a trip out (designated driver needed) but the food makes it all worthwhile. Great Sunday lunch. Less good on one of the days we went for my veggie friend, but we worked around that. The staff are friendly and I even learnt what a natterjack toad was!

  • Profile image for leila_p
    leila_p  |  Wednesday, October 13 2010, 5:15PM  |  Report
    Check it out

    Great in the summer as the garden is lovely and a good size. Luckily it's really good indoors too, as this is England and that's where we're forced to spend most of our time!! Cosy feeling to the interior, but still quite modern and cleancut (especially in the toilets which were refreshingly clean for a local pub). The meat is really good quality and it's all cooked with care and served by jolly staff.

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