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Italian Restaurants in Yeovil


8 South Western Terrace, YEOVIL, BA20 1NB
  • Telephone: 01935 700400



“Can you cook at my house?”

By Tinabush1950 | Tuesday, January 01 2013

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  • Profile image for Tinabush1950
    Tinabush1950  |  Tuesday, January 01 2013, 5:58PM  |  Report

    Can you cook at my house?

  • Profile image for abbie_yeovil
    abbie_yeovil  |  Thursday, December 20 2012, 3:55PM  |  Report
    Great Italian food

    I love Tamburino in Yeovil - the restaurant and the cafe further up in town are both lovely places to eat. I've never had a bad meal in there, a wide selection of decent wines are on offer and the waiters are always super friendly. Be warned though, if you eat there on your birthday you might find yourself surrounded by a throng of all singing all dancing tambourine shaking waiters. Tamburino Gold in Sherborne is also worth visiting, Miguel the Head Chef is accomodating, friendly and highly talented. I also hear they've recently opened up Tamburino in Street near Glastonbury - can't way to try it out!

  • Profile image for Yeovil_Peep
    Yeovil_Peep  |  Thursday, January 05 2012, 10:22AM  |  Report
    Tamburino Caffé

    This is a coffee shop and eatery in the heart of Yeovil that is popular and busy yet with a spacious environment making your break feel relaxed. At the Tamburino Caffe they prepare a tasty range of hot foods from panini’s to pasta dishes, tapas and gelati. They also offer outside catering and a takeaway service.

  • Profile image for Jansy1956
    Jansy1956  |  Saturday, July 30 2011, 8:22AM  |  Report
    Don't bother

    Went here a while ago on 2 occasions both times were disappointed. At the time I didn't eat much (but was happy to pay for meal even though I usually left some) I was told that I couldn't leave my food (was I back in school/) . The second time there was nothing chocolatey on the menu, so when asked what he wanted my husband said chocolate, he got a cup of HOT CHOCOLATE!!! We also found it very expensive for what you got.

  • Profile image for yeovilite
    yeovilite  |  Thursday, December 09 2010, 6:47PM  |  Report
    Didn't live up to the hype...

    Heard a great deal of good things about Tamburino's but for some reason never actually been...till now. Made use of their online ordering service (which is a fantastic idea) and ordered up a couple of pizza's for the missus and I. Ranging from around £8 - £11 I was expecting an authentic and pretty tasty pizza. I've been to Italy many times and I was a bit disappointed with Tamburinos' effort. In my opinion the bases should have been thinner and the toppings were a bit stingey - no where near worth the hefty price tag. Feel a bit let down by one of the most popular restaraunts in town - though I must add this is based on my takeaway experience, I haven't dined in-house.

  • Profile image for davidpol
    davidpol  |  Monday, June 28 2010, 5:02PM  |  Report
    Yeovils hidden gem

    A very creative restaurant, Tamburino is by far Yeovils hidden gem. Whenever were in town we make it a point to come here because you just dont know what the chef is going to invent! Its better than a lot of standard Italians, but thats the difference, this is no standard restaurant.

  • Profile image for Airhead
    Airhead  |  Monday, May 10 2010, 8:06PM  |  Report

    The first time I went to Tamburinos they scared the life out of me with there flipping Tamburines. Can be quite a shock, especially when its in your right earhole! However since then Ive had some pretty good nights out here with my friends. Great fun atmosphere and not too bad food. Worth a look.

  • Profile image for jonnyb2322
    jonnyb2322  |  Sunday, April 18 2010, 1:02PM  |  Report
    Simple Receipe

    Take a large dose of mental Italians, stir in a drop of tamburines, a dash of fine Italian food and mix with a large quantity of excitement. This is Tamburinos in a nut shell. One word of warning, if it is your birthday beware of the man hanging around behind you with a Tamburine!!!!!

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