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If recliner sofas ruled the world...

By AdFeatures  |  Posted: December 12, 2012

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If you've got a recliner sofa you'll know just how revolutionary this single item of furniture is. It's not just the furniture that the boys favoured in Friends, it's a couch that puts unparalleled comfort firmly within your reach. You can't help but switch off as you stretch back and relax and let the weight of the world slip off your shoulders, but hang on a minute, here's a sobering thought... how different would our world be if recliner sofas hailed back to the beginning of time:

Atlas wouldn't have been holding up anything

In Greek mythology, this tremendous titan's job was to literally hold up the world and one of the labours of Hercules involved taking over for a time. But what if there was a relaxing recliner nearby just asking for some afternoon nap action? The labours of Hercules would have been cut from twelve to one and what on earth would we be calling the Atlantic?

Cleopatra wouldn't have surprised her suitor

Imagine instead of being delivered to Mark Antony in a rolled up carpet, Cleopatra had been carried to her man sat astride a recliner sofa? It'd certainly ruin the element of surprise and she'd probably be so comfy she wouldn't want stand up and do any seducing.

Kicking back with Queen Liz

Instead of sitting solemnly on her throne, if rigidly proper Queen Elizabeth I had laid out on her recliner, giving her orders and lording it over her subjects it'd be highly doubtful people would still see her as one of the most powerful and iconic leaders our country has ever seen.

Kiss goodbye to the Sistine chapel

Michelangelo might not have made his mark on the Sistine Chapel if he had a recliner to paint from. While he would have had the ideal angle to get the job done, he'd be so comfortable in his seat that he'd have found it pretty difficult not to fall asleep.

Newton would never have encountered that apple

If there was a recliner sofa that Isaac Newton could have been curled up in then it would be unlikely he'd be sat against an uncomfortable old tree in the first place and we'd all be unaware of how gravity works.

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