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  • Profile image for Tim_Baldwin
    Tim_Baldwin  |  Thursday, June 13 2013, 12:13PM  |  Report
    Last Minute Appointment Changes

    Very disappointed to have an appointment cancelled at the last minute with no alternative offered for the same day (I work so only Saturdays suit me, really). As my last appointment was cancelled because the stylist I trusted had left suddenly, this the second disappointment in two bookings. I won't be back - anyone want my loyalty card?

  • Profile image for Monkeysmother
    Monkeysmother  |  Friday, November 23 2012, 6:06PM  |  Report
    aaaahhhhh niiice

    I went here today for the first time. It was lovely. I normally find going to the hairdressers intimidating but it had a lovely atmosphere and the colorist and stylist were both absolutely great and understood what I wanted. Endless cups of test, bikkies, up to date magazinesall lovely touches but the very best bits were the head massage and back massaging chair while I had my hair washed. Didn't want to leave but had to go and show my hair off. All in all a fantastically relaxing experience

  • Profile image for Daveiles
    Daveiles  |  Sunday, September 16 2012, 7:38PM  |  Report
    Great Salon for guys

    I never got on with the local Barber shops. I found you never quite got what you asked for when you went there, in comparison I've not once had a bad haircut from SP. They seem to determine exactly what your asking for each and every time you visit, also if your someone that likes to take a picture in with you, your pretty much guaranteed a strong likeness between you and the person in the picture. They also offer additional advice if its required for example, the best way to style your hair and what hair products to use and where to buy them. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair. Personally, I recommend Cathy. But all of their stylists seem highly skilled. The salon is a nice place to be, and everyone is friendly. Highly recommended to anyone local!

  • Profile image for annmceneany
    annmceneany  |  Thursday, March 29 2012, 12:55PM  |  Report
    Fabulous Salon Fabulous Hair

    I have been a client at SP Hair for a few years now , whichever stylist cuts, colours or blow drys my hair I always walk out feeling fabulous!! If you want a great Hair experience from friendly& professional staff this is the place to go. Many Thanks Sue and the Girls Ann

  • Profile image for S P Hair Co
    S P Hair Co  |  Thursday, December 29 2011, 3:32PM  |  Report
    Phone number

    Dear all, Our sincere apologies but there seems to be a problem with the phone number provided on this website. It has been reported & is currently being looked into. In the mean time you can contact us directly on 01275 852407 Again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused & wish you a happy new year!

  • Profile image for sianboo
    sianboo  |  Wednesday, December 14 2011, 2:19PM  |  Report
    best salon in nailsea!!!!

    have been getting my hair done at sp hair for nearly 2 years now and i absoulutly love it! u get a lovely cup of coffee and biscuit as soon as you walk through the door.. and dont have to wait long for the stylists! All the stylists are friendly and very good at what they do!! reccomend to all friends and family!! and amazing products!!! :)

  • Profile image for S P Hair Co
    S P Hair Co  |  Wednesday, December 07 2011, 1:06PM  |  Report
    New staff & system

    At Sp hair company we would like to thank you all for your comments!  In response to the comment from 'andysnapper' we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to you & would like to assure you that any appointments changed at the last minute are only done so as a last resort when a member of staff has called in sick. In this case we always try to call as soon as we can to accommodate you on the day of your booking or rearrange to another convenient time for you. We are a busy salon & have recently taken on some new staff who we feel will make a fantastic addition to our team. With these new staff we have been able to put a new system in place to ensure clients are able to make appointments & be greeted professionally. We look forward to seeing you soon & welcome any comments from our valued clients.

  • Profile image for AndySnapper
    AndySnapper  |  Monday, December 05 2011, 3:27PM  |  Report
    SP Hair

    Dreadful at answering their phone and in the last year I have had 3 appointments changed by SP at the last minute. They have a couple good stylists (which is why I am hanging in there for now) but, need to sort out their admin.

  • Profile image for gemknight
    gemknight  |  Wednesday, November 23 2011, 9:05PM  |  Report

    I have been going to S P Hair company for many years now and have never had a bad haircut or colour (they even did my hair for my wedding!) i wouldnt trust anyone else with my hair. I can even go in and say "do what you want" and always walk out with a fab style! They are always friendly and professional, and honest!! i am always made to feel welcome, i still feel as imortant a customer as the first time i went in! I Would never go anywhere else, **** he best salon!

  • Profile image for Mckallie
    Mckallie  |  Tuesday, October 25 2011, 6:32PM  |  Report
    Modern & friendly

    You will never get a bad cut or colour here. The stylists are skilled and actually listen to you and you never feel bullied. If you can forgive a less than professional attitude (eg leaving clients to greet ex-employee's new babies) and a tariff system that isn't always pointed out by your stylist - £10 extra to have your hair straightened, anyone? Then Sp would be a great choice. Overall I recommend this salon. Ask for Cathy if you want colour - she's one of the most talented colourists in Bristol, if not further - no exaggeration.