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“Please tell me I'm wrong my son is trying to better himself by going back to college which he had to pay for himself, by borrowing the money to do so, but he can not get any help to live. He's only doing 15 hours a week and the college call this full time. This stops him getting any goverment help. No they rather he claim jobseeker not work or go to college. He's running in to debit just to have a roof over he's head and to feed himself and he's two children which live with their mum. But he has the children alot of the time looking after them. He's not looking for a hand out just help to live when he's training. The goverment bang on about are young people geting back in to education to find work but how can they when they can't live on fresh air. So now he has a choice quit college to claim jobseekers or stay at college and starve and live on the street. What a choice!!!!”

By Topdon1 Posted: October 10, 2012


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  • Helz85  |  October 11 2012, 7:55AM

    Have you tried calling prospects training in Yeovil? They may be able to help! I not sure what age group they work up too, but I do know that they work with 14-24 yr olds. I work closely with prospects and they are happy to help and support/guide any one trying to get back into employment/ education. Hope this helps

  • Feebz  |  October 11 2012, 9:30PM

    Firstly, well done to your son for trying to better himself. I would feel so very proud of him if that was my son. I don't know him and I feel proud of him. This is just the beginning of a new journey for him so I strongly suggest you be supportive and encourage your son firstly by giving him some money yourself and asking everyone that you know to give him some work. If he is a fit, strong polite and helpful guy then there are a thousand useful things he can get paid cash in hand to do in the rest of the week when he is not at his 15 hours of college: eg I have paid cash for things like chopping logs, moving furniture, clearing gardens, washing windows, restaurant work and so on. He should try asking absolutely everyone for work including everyone at college and I guarantee he will soon start to build up a regular income. Please keep us posted about his progress. Best regards, Fi

  • jojo1960uk  |  October 12 2012, 12:57PM

    Just living is a constant struggle for some parents (me included) and our children are having it even worse. There seems to be no clear source of assistance which means many end up in terrible debt and ill with the worry. Fi, your answer is exactly what we all need to hear, you have proved there are good people out there with kind hearts prepared to take time out and suggest practical ways of improving the status quo. When we are in that pit of struggle, two steps forward and two steps back (if we're lucky) it is nigh on impossible to raise our heads to see such simple but effective solutions. I just wish the government were prepared to do the same. Topdon1, I am so sad your son has had to make such a depressing choice. I find it an absolute disgrace that an enterprising young man has had his aspirations crushed at such a young age. Nothing short of outrageous. I would, at the very least, write to your MP and send David Cameron a letter too! The government live in cloud cuckoo land, they have no idea what 'real' life is or they forget it conveniently once they are at Westminster. Real life is frequent poverty unless of course you are the son of the 'well to do' as Cameron is.


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