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“Dear Sir/Madam
Would it be possible for you to let your readers know a little bit about our group and to publicise our next event?

The Maltese heritage group was set up about a year ago to cater for Maltese people living in the south west region of the UK. Our main aim was to hold events at certain times of the year on dates relevant to the Maltese culture. The first event was held in Bridgwater, Somerset, earlier this year and was very well attended. The event in Nailsea on the 17th of this month will be our second event.

Unlike many ethnic groups who reside in the UK and stay in close knit communities, the Maltese seem to blend in to the British background and can be very hard to find. They can also go for years without seeing another Maltese person or even speak their native language.. The group formed so that contact could be maintained and friendships formed. An example of this was at our event in April. A couple met who had not seen each other in 25 years, when I see things like that I feel I have done my job well.

The group is not solely for the Maltese though. People have joined who are of Maltese decent, also people who served in the armed forces there and people who just have a love of the Maltese Islands. So all are welcome.”

By Siggiewi Posted: November 07, 2012

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