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“Attitudes are formed by information received ,so bias and selective journalism at the best misleads people at the worse misinforms them ,the current problem with the BBC is nothing new to those who have monitored them for decades I refer to the Radio Four program in particular .

Almost daily we have their pet causes and views,how underprivileged and deprived many are, so many children living in poverty ,but never a straight answer of what they define as underprivileged or deprived ,then the claim that such people can not afford healthy welfare friendly food,although they can afford to booze,smoke buy/use mobile phones and use the internet ,eat junk food,by trivia ,any example the BBC give will be carefully chosen to show a real case of someone really trying to work ,not the ones mentioned who chose to not to spend their money on healthy welfare friendly food.

So one reason for not giving to Children in Need[CIN ] which is just another ego trip for media celebs as well them making money out of it,what examples anyone managed to get ,finds the money is not for need as many of would consider in need,but more like luxury ,so CIN needs looking into and and find out where every penny of the many millions given on top of the billions already handed over to the BBC by licence payers .I rather give to charities that have to deal with real cases of need cruelty abuse to both human and none human animals”

By 1forthegood Posted: November 15, 2012

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