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  • Profile image for CJJ800
    CJJ800  |  Sunday, July 15 2012, 11:49AM  |  Report
    XP software load

    Good and friendly service, would use them again

  • Profile image for PossetPhil
    PossetPhil  |  Sunday, June 17 2012, 5:26PM  |  Report
    Next day repair service

    Took my Laptop in on Thursday, hard drive problem diagnosed that day, new hard drive order made. Next day phone call to tell me my Laptop was up and running and ready for collection. Hard to beat that! Thank you Nortech.

  • Profile image for sneexy
    sneexy  |  Friday, February 25 2011, 2:26PM  |  Report
    Nortech Computers - The go-to guys for no-nonsense computer repairs

    Nortech Computers in Portishead High Street are the go-to guys for no-nonsense computer repairs and maintenance. Whether you've got your hard drive in a twist or your graphics card in a tangle, Nortech will be happy to help your computer get back on its feet.

  • Profile image for Roger69
    Roger69  |  Tuesday, January 11 2011, 8:31AM  |  Report
    They offer great advice

    Nortech offer a great consultative approach and were very helpful and sorted my issue on time and at a reasonable price. I'd recommend as they kept all my old data. Great service.

  • Profile image for MikeHydroSoil
    MikeHydroSoil  |  Thursday, December 03 2009, 5:17PM  |  Report

    If you want to brainstorm your computer with a gentle touch of bedside manner and some serious conversation, talk to Nortech, personally I rate them as "past masters" at modern computing severe problem resolution but if they cannot fix it and you really have managed to bump it off they might rescue your data and they will say so. You may have a preferred option, they also offer good music and link advice! You will need time, they are always ready to explain and ensure you are happy before they begin, so park safely. The advice is free, the work is charged but I believe fairly.