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Get affordability and dependability from the Samsung Galaxy Ace

By AdFeatures  |  Posted: December 19, 2012

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We depend on our mobile phones to guide us through everyday life. They tell us when to wake up, what’s the quickest route to work, how to get to the pub and what the weather will be like, not to mention the ease with which you can email, chat and share information. The day you leave your phone at home is when you realise exactly how much you rely on its efficiency, convenience and immediacy.

Being dependent on one device, where you keep all your contacts, photos, appointments and reminders, puts you in a very dangerous zone.

What if your phone is lost or stolen?

Instead of losing everything, the best backup plan is to have a second phone. Not only in case these misfortunes occur, but to avoid them from happening in the first place.

Spreading your life between two devices gives you a safety net in case something happens and is a fantastic way to organise your busy life. Get the work life balance by using one for business and the other for play.

What you need in a second phone is functionality, reliability and brains.

Although reviewers favour the latest high-tech gadgets, don’t overlook the affordable phone market. In the world of technology, there’s an undeserving stigma attached to the word ‘affordable’ where people start to question the products quality. But this is simply not true.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace is the perfect example of this. Fitting snuggly into your hand, this pocket-friendly device is a power-house for app lovers and internet addicts. It’s available from Carphone Warehouse from £7.50 per month, £80.96 on PAYG and £169.96 SIM free.

Sleek and concise in design, the device measures 12.4 x 59.9 x 11.5mm and, thanks to its astute use of plastic, only weighs 113 grams. Coming in classic black among other colours, the textured back and chrome surroundings combine to produce a stylish design any fashion guru would appreciate. The touch sensitive buttons are intuitive, highly responsive and simply disappear when not in use leaving the screen congestion free. This allows the owner to make calls and texts with considerable ease. The 3.5 inch LCD screen has a resolution of 480 x 320, making it the prefect video viewing platform.

Powered by the Android 2.3 Gingerbread and fitted with the brains of the speedy Snapdragon S1 Processor, the Galaxy Ace boasts a number of elite Samsung products. It has access to over 150,000 apps from the Samsung app store and is fitted with Swype, an intelligent keyboard recognition addition that makes typing faster than ever before. You’ll also get exclusive membership to Samsung’s social hub, giving you better access to all of your social portals.

The device’s great connectivity gives users Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS, making it easy to share your 3G data connection with other devices. So transferring photos taken on your five megapixel rear-mounted camera is a very simple process. The camera’s additional dual LED flash ensures all of your photos are well-lit and high quality.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace is perfect as a second phone to take care of your work or social life.

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