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Yeovil couple fear eviction unless they can re-home pet ferrets

By WG_Yeovil  |  Posted: January 31, 2013

  • Tanita Harding with Nipper and Noodles

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A Yeovil couple fighting to keep their pet ferrets fear they face eviction if they do not re-home them.

Tanita Harding, 19, and Joshua Brown, 22, of Roping Road flats, received a letter from Yarlington Housing Group – which owns their home – to say they are in breach of their tenancy agreement by keeping pet ferrets.

The letter said the housing provider had received anonymous complaints about the animals, as well as reports of loud noises – such as shouting and doors banging – coming from the flat late at night.

It also said permission is required to keep animals in a Yarlington property. However the couple said they were told they would not be allowed to keep ferrets.

Miss Harding, a health care assistant, said she felt discriminated against. She said: “It’s quite upsetting because we don’t have children so, as a young couple, we look at these animals as our children.

“It feels discriminatory because we have chosen to have unique pets. It seems unfair that other people in our flats have dogs or cats, while others have canaries.”

The ferrets – called Nipper and Noodles – were bought around nine months ago. They are housed in a cage and are often taken out for walks in Ham Hill and other places.

The couple said they did not believe they had to ask permission to keep the pets as they were told they did not need it for a pet hamster they had when they first moved into the flat.

They completed a permission form on Tuesday [Jan 29] but are fearful for the future. More than 160 people have joined a Facebook group calling for the ferrets to be allowed to stay with the couple.

Miss Harding added: “We are not willing to give up to be honest. It’s not really an option. Anyone who has an animal knows you take on that responsibility of caring for that animal no matter what.

“I would like to thank those on Yeovil Real News, and the community, for pulling together to support us. It definitely gives you the incentive to carry on with what we believe to be right.”

A spokeswoman for Yarlington Housing Group said: “We received anonymous complaints about ferrets that were escaping being kept at this address – it is within our policy to act on any complaints we receive.

“As standard practice, all our tenants must fill in a permissions form if they wish to keep pets within their property. Our pet policy is explained to tenants during the sign up – if they change their pet or get another, they must fill in a new permissions form.

“This was not done by the residents at Roping Road. Yarlington brought it to their attention that they were in breach of their contract by issuing them with a letter.

“Following this and after discussions with the tenants, Yarlington have provided them with the relevant permission forms which give them the right to seek permission to keep their ferrets.”

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  • BungBarry  |  January 31 2013, 6:49PM

    hi LUKE no i did not they informed me i had to either give them away or find somewhere else to live/!! i gave them to a neice and she looked after them for a week before they were put down!!! yarlington really have no clue how normal ppl live there lifes! i have had so many problems with them, mold on my walls, drug addicts living in the homes next to me and they all know about it but they wont do anything!!! really unhelpful. if you go on there facebook page you can see lots of other people have the same problem!!!!

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  • Luke_Shutup  |  January 30 2013, 10:24PM

    did you keep your ferrets in the end Barry?

    |   2
  • BungBarry  |  January 30 2013, 10:11PM

    i live in chard and i also own a ferret and they told me to get rid of both of them. the staff at yarlington were really unhelpful and rude when i asked why and i took good care of them. i hope you get to keep your pets. this needs to go FURTHER than newspapers!!!! i bet it happens all a cross the country http://tinyurl.com/b76ac9k PETS FOR HOMES!! it says right there

    |   5
  • Luke_Shutup  |  January 30 2013, 7:22PM

    Yarlington are not being 100% honest here. They clearly stated in their letter that they WOULD NOT give permission for the ferrets. Based on this it would have been futile to ask permission in the first place. If Yarlington had not given the impression small caged pets were acceptable in the first place, this confusion would not have started. How can a ferret be a nuisance, short of running around biting people or eating pet rabbits which Yarlington do allow in their properties?

    |   5