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UFO and alien sightings on the rise in Somerset

By Central Somerset Gazette  |  Posted: December 17, 2011

A model of an alien on display inside the International UFO Museum and Research Centre at Roswell, New Mexico. There have been 27 calls to police concerning sightings in Somerset in the past five years

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It’s official – Central Somerset is a hive of alien activity.

Official figures released to the Gazette this week show that in the last five years 27 calls were made to police detailing alien events.

Today, we reveal the amazing phone calls made to police about UFO and alien sightings in Street and Glastonbury over that time.

They have been released to the Gazette after a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

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Among the calls received by police were reports of UFOs, aliens, dogs writing on windows and alien possession.

Others claimed there were saints looking in through their windows, or wanted pass messages on from our intergalactic neighbours. Across the area, calls included:

07/02/2007 – Caller believes aliens have taken over their body;

16/07/2007 – Caller believes there are aliens across the road;

27/05/2008 – Caller advising police upgrade their observations to monitor any suspicious UFO activity;

30/06/2008 – Caller reported they had been taken over by aliens;

28/06/2008 – Caller talking about aliens and ghosts;

03/06/2008 – Caller saw UFO last night, watched it circle the Tor and then the town;

10/09/2008 – Caller ringing to tell us that the aliens are coming;

24/10/2008 – Report of possible assault by aliens;

30/06/2008 – Caller passing on a message from aliens: the world needs to stop using nuclear weapons on humans;

06/04/2009 – Talking of aliens;

05/05/2009 – Reporting that a bike has UFO written on panel;

02/06/2009 – Caller talked about world affairs, alien affairs and winning of God;

15/08/2009 – Caller talking about their influence with aliens;

16/08/2009 – Caller advised they are the recognised son of God on this earth and on alien planets;

17/08/2009 – Caller advised they have powers to rule the world and govern religion and aliens;

21/08/2009 – Stated aliens in roof;

27/08/2009 – Caller reporting a bright ball of orange fire in sky;

29/12/2009 – Caller wanted to know if there were ghosts, aliens and people using energy weapons;

24/01/2010 – Caller feels like an alien as they have been away for so long;

23/02/2010 – Sighting of UFO;

05/04/2010 – Caller reporting UFOs in front room. Their dog has drawn pictures on the window and saints are looking through the window;

21/08/2010 – Caller advising they spoke to Buckingham Palace about UFOs;

22/10/2010 – Talked of UFOs;

25/01/2011 – Caller advising that flying saucers are government inventions;

01/04/2011 – Caller is hearing voices and can see aliens;

23/08/2011 – Caller is stuck in hospital with aliens and Charlie Kray.

While many of the reports will no doubt raise a few eyebrows, the police have said the calls highlight the work their call handlers are faced with on a daily basis.

Chief Inspector Kevan Rowlands said: “Every year our communications department deals with around 180,000 emergency calls and 375,000 non-emergency calls. “Our call-handlers never know what the next call will involve and are trained to deal with a wide variety of incidents in a calm and professional manner.

“Sadly, there are a number of people who think it is amusing to ring the emergency services and make a hoax call.

“In making these calls there is a risk that they stop genuine callers who are in distress and require our help from reaching us.

“We are also very aware that some of the calls that may seem bizarre mask an underlying need from the caller.

“Our staff are trained to deal with this sensitively and to provide any necessary support.

“This Christmas I would urge people to think about the call handlers who will be working through the festive season to help keep the people of Avon and Somerset safe. Please only call 999 in a genuine emergency and remember to use our 101 non-emergency number for all other calls to us.”

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  • AndyRod  |  December 26 2011, 8:32PM

    ET-UFO non-hoax: 1. Project Blue Book Special Report 14, a scientific study of UFOs by the US government­­, stated that 22% of all the cases they studied were unexplaine­­d, AND the more informatio­­n they received about those 22% the LESS they could be explained. Go to bluebookar­­chive dot org and look for special report 14. 2. July 29, 1952 USAF orders pilots to shoot down flying saucers, do a google search for "flying saucers air force shoot 1952". Even the air force considered ET-UFO real enough to try to shoot them down. 3. April 7, 1952 LIFE magazine in cooperatio­n with the USAF makes a case for ET-visitat­ion, do a google search for "Life-goog­le books magazine April 7, 1952", page 80. 4. Jul 28, 1952, Air force admits that they have detected on radar and visually flying saucers AND that they may be interplane­tary craft. Go to google News ARCHIVE search for "washingto­n merry go round air force saucers" Jul 28, 1952.

  • ShropshireUFO  |  December 20 2011, 4:59PM

    On March 30th 1993 one of the first sightings of the large triangle shaped UFO that entered British airspace was over Somerset. It went on to be know as the world famous 'Cosford UFO Incident' as is one of the UKs biggest UFO incidents to date. Check out this website for the full story and a witness who saw the craft close up: http://tinyurl.com/cz2omj7

  • pirateboy  |  December 19 2011, 6:33AM

    I do hope that there is some intelligent life in space because there doesn't seem to be lot down here at present. Pirateboy

    |   1