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Five Things to Consider When Decorating Your Home

By AdFeatures  |  Posted: February 18, 2013

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We all come to a point when the wallpaper, carpets and curtains we’ve had up for the best part of a decade begin to wear us down, instigating yearnings to give our homes a makeover. Yet, home decoration projects require plenty of planning if you want to get them right. Here are just five of the things you should consider.

1. Interior designer

There are interior designers and there are interior designers! When choosing which company to use, it may help to build a picture of the services they provide, the prices they charge and what their style is. It is a good idea to surf the internet and look at previous customer reviews about various interior designers.

For example, Britain’s favourite home improvement specialist, Betta Living, will provide you with great specialist care through every stage of renovating and decorating your home. Whether you are having a new fitted kitchen installed and are looking for contemporary kitchens for sale, or want to utilise the space in your bedroom more efficiently with fitted wardrobes, Betta Living’s experienced team of professionals can help.

2. Styles and trends

You cannot bring your house inline with 2013 if you don’t look at the various design styles and trends currently available. In order to get to grips with the wide spectrum of contemporary design styles and trends on offer, it is a good idea to look at home design sources such as interior design magazines, programmes on the television and internet resources.

Alternatively, you should consult the advice of a professional designer about different trends for the home in 2013. These experts will always be in the best position to advise you on emerging fashions and can help you choose something that’s timelessly stylish, rather than just an acknowledgement of the latest craze.

3. Budget

Modifying and decorating a home can be costly and can easily run into thousands of pounds if you don’t plan and monitor costs carefully. Before you begin to decorate your home, you must first determine how much you are a willing to spend.

Once you have a budget in mind, work out the costs for the various stages of the improvements. This should include buying the fittings, furniture and materials, as well as paying a company to install them or decorate your home.

Essentials like paint and wallpaper vary in price significantly, meaning it’s always advisable to shop around to find products that work with your budget. Visit various stores and websites to compare prices, ensuring value for money and the avoidance of investing in a false economy.

4. Reputation

You wouldn’t use a builder without checking their reputation and the same practice should be adopted when choosing a company to give your home a makeover. Look at things like how long the company has been running, what customer service it offers, what other customers have to say about its services and what aftercare is provided.

5. Practicality

While appearances will more than likely be your main focus when decorating your home, that doesn’t mean you can afford to overlook practicality. Always opt for designs and styles which work well with your home, perform a functional purpose and look good.

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