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Shepton Mallet resident's letter to the editor

By Shepton Mallet Journal  |  Posted: December 15, 2013

Shepton Mallet resident's letter to the editor
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SHEPTON resident,Derek Marvin,wrote in to the Journal to congratulate Karen Mercer on attaining the East Ward seat:

FIRST, I would like to congratulate Karen Mercer on attaining the East Ward seat for the Liberal Democrats, giving them further national political influence on our town council.

It is reported from the council that things are on the up and we can look forward to a better 18 months.

I sincerely hope so, as it will make the job of the TLC – The Local Community – much easier when, with your support from the community we can look forward to providing 16 councillors, to form a neutral town council in May 2015 and bring back the trust and respect that has been lost.

A bold statement maybe, but we know that there are at least 16 members of our community, including the younger element, if they felt by working together as a team to manage the affairs of the town, for the good of the community, they would eagerly put their names forward.

The reason TLC feels this, is that I have a big thank you to the 192 residents of the East Ward, 36 per cent of the overall vote, who did not vote for me, but their belief in a future neutral town council for Shepton, free from this national political influence that exists on our present council, with its constant bickering, wrongful decisions, disruption and sadly disrespect.

My thanks go to Stephen Lake and his team for the way the by-election was conducted.

Finally my sincere thanks to my team for their help and support. We in the TLC, as neutrals, finance our own campaign, not like the national party machine, as we are dedicated to our policy and beliefs.

It makes it all the more encouraging when we know that 294 residents, spread over two elections, support us, thank you.

Derek Marvin

TLC (The Local Community)

Bishop Crescent

Shepton Mallet

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