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Russell Kane previews stand-up date at Yeovil's Octagon Theatre

By abbiewhouse  |  Posted: October 03, 2012

Russell Kane is at Yeovil's Octagon Theatre on Tuesday, October 16

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Multi award-winning comedian Russell Kane will be performing live in Yeovil this month, and I was lucky enough to bag an interview with the man himself about his tour, his novel and his personal aspirations for the future...

Russell Kane is described as the comedian "with the tallest hair in the business" and has now been in show business for eight years, winning two prestigious industry awards.

He has become a regular fixture on our television sets, co-hosting late night talk show Britain Unzipped - returning to BBC3 for a second series tonight - and regularly appearing on Live at the Apollo.

His last two shows have been critically acclaimed sell out tours.

Whilst doing all this and much more, Russell has even written a novel that has been nominated for the Anobii First Book Award.

So as you can imagine, I was quite excited to talk to him...

Hi Russell, first things first, have you ever been to Yeovil before?

“No I don’t think I have actually but I’m very excited go there to see what it’s like and meet all the comedy fans out there. Yeovil is the second date of my tour so it’s coming up fast.”

In your own words, could you explain what the live show, Posturing Delivery, is about?

“It is slightly different to my other shows I have done this year as I will be exploring why it is that just women get to worry about never having a baby – why shouldn’t it be a male subject?

“I plan to give birth on stage and take the audience on a journey with me as I raise it live on stage.”

And just how graphic is this part of the show going to be?

“[Russell laughs] I’m not actually going to be giving birth! There’s no doll or anything like that, the baby is imaginary – so not that graphic.”

You make no secret of the fact that you are a slightly effeminate straight man, is this part of the show’s theme?

“Yes it is definitely an underlying feature in the show and I would say, the story of my life.

“People think I am gay quite often and in the past girls have laughed at me asking if I’m serious when I make a move or tell them I’m straight.”

You are in your thirties now, do these worries about fatherhood come from a part of you that feels you are getting old?

“Yes definitely; again men don’t really think about age or fear getting older, or at least they are supposed not to, but I feel like why shouldn’t they?”

Does this mean you are hoping to settle down soon?

“Yes absolutely, I’m always looking for someone. I am like one of those women who turns up to a first date in her wedding dress.”

Your book, The Humorist has recently been published, was writing a book something you had always wanted to do?

“Absolutely, I have wanted to write a book for years and well before I even thought about becoming a comedian.

“I started writing my book years ago when I just got out of University and started my office job and I could never have anticipated that comedy would overtake writing my novel.”

What is the book about and what inspired you to write it?

“The novel is about a comedy critic, so the opposite of me, this guy is a genius of humour.

“It came to me watching a documentary and then reading some studies of autistic children who can draw beautifully but can’t emotionally experience art.

“I then thought to myself what would happen if there was someone who had a perfect perception of humour but couldn’t emotionally experience it and couldn’t even laugh. That was how my main character, Benjamin White was born.”

You did a lot of drugs and failed a lot of exams, before receiving your first class degree in English (and more importantly won Celebrity Mastermind), what would you say to people in the position you were in back then?

"I know it sounds harsh but the person has got to want to change themselves and that’s it.

“There seems to be this X Factor culture in the UK at the moment where people think that they will just be given success without having to work for it, but most of us have to work hard and achieve our goals ourselves.”

Finally, is your hair as tall as ever?

“[Russell laughs] Taller probably! I can’t manage it any other way!”

Russell will be in Yeovil’s branch of Waterstone’s for a book-signing at 3pm on Tuesday, October 16. His comedy performance will take place later that evening at Yeovil's Octagon Theare.

Tickets cost £17.50. To book, visit www.octagon-theatre.co.uk.

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