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Movie quiz: Put your Somerset film knowledge to the test

By Wells Journal  |  Posted: January 10, 2013

  • Jack The Giant Killer filming in 2011 at the top of Cheddar Gorge

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No points for knowing that tired old fact that Hot Fuzz was filmed in Wells. Or that Elizabeth: The Golden Age was made there, too. But where was Chocolat made? And what TV mini-series was made in Priddy?

While Bath seems to be the go-to place for highbrow period drama, Somerset has provided the rural backdrops for TV and film in the likes of The Land Girls (filmed at Dulverton and West Somerset Railway), sci-fi like Blake’s 7 and Doctor Who at Wells, horror in Shepton Mallet’s The Zombie King and the critically hated Psychosis at Shapwick House.

There was more horror in The Hole at Downside School at Stratton-on-the-Fosse.

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The inside of Wells Cathedral and the cliff face of Cheddar Gorge will feature in this year’s 3D blockbuster Jack the Giant Killer – albeit under layers and layers of waterfall-rich CGI.

What then? Glastonbury: Isle of Light, which sees Joseph of Arimathea fleeing Jerusalem for England with the Holy Grail and teaming up with enemy of the Romans Caractacus, is in talks but so far no filmmakers have staked their claim in Somerset this year yet.

But how well do you really know your Somerset film trivia?

Question 1: The Monocled Mutineer , starring Paul McGann as the eponymous First World War deserter, was a 1986 BBC TV mini-series filmed in?

a) Sandford;

b) Shepton Mallet;

c) Somerton;

d) Street.

Question 2: True or false. Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon was filmed at Pilton Tithe Barn?

Question 3: Cheddar Caves and Rowberrow were the scenes for which 1996 Enid Blyton adaptation?

a) The Three Golliwogs;

b) The Famous Five;

c) The Five Find-Outers;

d) The Secret Seven.

Question 4: Which Johnny Depp film was not filmed in Somerset?

a) Chocolat;

b) The Libertine;

c) Don Juan DeMarco.

Question 5: Which location has hosted the most films and TV shows?

a) Wells;

b) West Somerset Railway.

Question 6: True or false: Wells-based stills photographer David Appleby has been involved in 78 films, including Bugsy Malone, Evita, Ninja Assassin V for Vendetta and War Horse ?

Question 7: Eddie Kidd jumped a train on a motorbike for Harrison Ford movie Hanover Street at:

a) East Somerset Railway;

b) West Somerset Railway.

Question 8: True or false. Sandford, the fictional name given to the village in Hot Fuzz , is named after Sandford in North Somerset?

Question 9: Where in Somerset was one cave scene of The Wicker Man shot?

a) Banwell;

b) Cheddar;

c) Priddy;

d) Wookey Hole.

Question 10: Which of the following has not lived in Somerset?

a) Nicolas Cage;

b) Stephen Daldry, director of Billy Elliot, The Reader, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close;

c) Johnny Depp;

d) Edgar Wright, director of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Question 11: Which is not a real film or documentary made about Glastonbury Festival?

a) Glastonbury

b) Glastonbury Fayre;

c) Glastonbury the Movie;

d) Essential Glastonbury;

e) Glastonbury Anthems.


Q1 C – many residents used as cast for dead soldiers; Q2 false – actually Glastonbury Tithe Barn; Q3 B; Q4 C – Psychosis starred Charisma Carpenter of Buffy and Justin Hawkins of The Darkness; Q5 A – at least eight; Q6 true; Q7 A; Q8 false – Sandford is a generic name police use for training purposes; Q9 D; Q10 C – rumour of a home near Taunton disproved and rumours of him buying Hadspen House near Castle Cary are unconfirmed; Q11 D – this was a promo CD released by Q magazine.

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