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Man versus shark: Fisherman to hunt massive great white shark

By Western Daily Press  |  Posted: March 13, 2014

  • Legendary fisherman Zyg Gregorek wrestles with a giant 1/2 ton Greenland shark in the Arctic circle

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A West Country man hailed as the world's greatest living fisherman has vowed to turn into a real-life 'Jaws' hero - and stop the Great White shark currently heading towards Britain.

Fearless Zyg Gregorek has caught dozens of sharks including the deadly species during a lifetime of extreme fishing all over the world.

And the 70-year-old is now preparing to turn into the real-life shark hunter character played by Robert Shaw in the film 'Jaws'.

But the seafaring pensioner insists he won't harm the fish - his mission is to weigh it and move it into safer waters before releasing it back into the wild.

The massive shark - called Lydia - is currently being tracked by scientists in the US who have attached GPS devices to its back to record its movements.

Boffins have been following the 15ft beast, who weights 2,000lbs, for over a year as part of a ground-breaking ocean life study.

The shark appears to be making her way across the Atlantic towards the UK coastline and Zyg is the perfect man to meet her.

The grandfather-of-five from Halwill, Devon, holds a string of world records after spending decades chasing fish across the globe.

He said: "I've caught Great White Sharks in the past - they're very strong and are good fighters so I'd expect to battle with it for a few hours before catching it.

"I know I'm no spring chicken but I'm confident I could take it on - it would be like fighting a miniature bull but I've got all the experience behind me to do it.

"When you're out there battling with a shark you don't have time to get scared - it's man versus monster but adrenaline will keep me going.

"You just have to pace yourself and try and forget about the pain - it's mind over matter."

Zyg says he would use 'rubby dubby' to tempt Lydia in - a practice of luring fish by leaving mashed up fish guts in a trail behind the boat.

He will then use a 130lbs line with a 50lbs clasp to hook the shark while standing on a 20ft catamaran.

Zyg, who lives with wife Rose, 63, at his Anglers Paradise holiday fishing complex, normally uses a 'fighting chair' but says he will be tackling this shark standing up.

He said: "I would have to capture the shark standing up as there are no 'fighting chairs' available which makes the catch it a lot more tiring.

"The chair has a rod hold and a harness so it's much easier and there's no need to stand up, but they're very expensive and I'm not aware of anyone who has one in the UK.

"Though I'd have two skippers on board I wouldn't have any help catching the shark as I have too much pride.

"Great White's aren't the toughest to capture so I'd feel quite confident - Tiger Sharks seem to be the most difficult to catch."

Zyg has caught two Great White Sharks in the past - one being a 1300lb off the coast of South Africa in 2000.

In 2007 he was declared the world's greatest fisherman after becoming the first person to catch all 27 species in the three so-called "royal slams" set by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA).

He travelled 150,000 miles to some of the world's most remote locations to snare nine species of shark, ten species of billfish and eight species of tuna.

In 2012, Zyg became the first recreational angler in history to catch five different species over 1000lbs.

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  • IanCampbell11  |  March 13 2014, 12:35AM

    What an awful story about a complete cretin. 1 - The shark is not a man eater & is obviously under greater threat from man than we are from sharks (http://tinyurl.com/cpqfqj4) 2 - Why does this moron want to "move it to safer waters"? If idiots like this didn't go out hunting sharks in the first place, then the waters would be safer for her, and her babies.

    |   24