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Letters December 3:

By Western Daily Press  |  Posted: December 03, 2013

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Soccer sackings are own goals for Bristol

What on earth is going on at Bristol City football club, because five managers in just over three years gives the impression of a club in turmoil?

Of those managers Garry Johnson just failed by a whisker to take City into the Premier League, Derek Mciness was heralded as a saviour having been very successful in the Scottish Premier League and the latest occupant in the manager's chair had previously taken Nottingham Forest to the edge of the Championship play-offs.

Nobody can deny the credentials of these managers yet somehow they failed to make any impact on the hallowed pitch at Ashton Gate.

There seems to be some deep-rooted problem within the club that rubs off on managers and players alike and it will be very interesting to see who takes over what has now become a poisoned chalice.

Geoff Malham


Lessons need to be learned over badgers

I have lived in this country for the better part of half a century, having arrived from Canada in the late Sixties.

It surprises me that neither side of the badger/cow issue seems to have learned a lot.

I do not suggest that nothing has been learned about badgers and cattle in that time, and having been brought up on the Canadian prairies I have a huge amount of respect for farmers who see their herds destroyed.

Nevertheless, there does seem to be a remarkably small amount learned about bovine TB.

The two sides seem to be determined to 'fight' each other. We cull badgers and not cattle; we wait until cattle are infected. Why?

Dr DL Birdsall


Thank goodness for drug to control ADHD

In Saturday's Western Daily Press you published a letter condemning the diagnosis of children as having the condition ADHD when their behaviour is quite normal. Also stating it to be a ploy by pharmaceutical companies to make profits from selling their expensive prescription drugs and experimenting on children.

Was this diatribe from the same contributor who wrote a similar letter a few weeks previously?

He obviously hoped to provoke a reply from an "expert" but nobody bothered to reply so he has written again. I am no expert but can say in all honesty, wait until it happens to a child in your family then you will thank medical science for all the time and money spent in developing something (anything) to help control this abnormal behaviour.

It disrupts families and classrooms and is quite obviously above and beyond the everyday childhood tantrums and experiences.

The drug my grandson takes is worth every penny and he himself acknowledges that it makes him feel better, more in control and able to concentrate at school.

We never dreamt the beautiful, happy, responsive, well-loved and loving baby who grew into an active toddler wouldn't progress out of the "terrible twos" stage.

It became obvious we were out of our depth and had the bruises to prove it so the eventual diagnosis and treatment for ADHD came as a great relief.

The decision was not lightly or quickly taken but it was the end of a nightmare as we were not coping with his unpredictability and instability.

He is now 15 years old and 6ft tall but still can't interact socially.

He loves soccer and plays with a local club and his school team but is a "loner" with no close friend.

Thanks to great support from his parents and teachers he has reasonable grades but can't cope with exams.

Perhaps, as with any condition, some children are misdiagnosed with ADHD, but there is no doubting the existence of the real thing.

Name and address supplied

WG Grace would say sale is not cricket

So Downend Cricket Club, which was founded in 1893, might be sold to developers. They say the facilities that have been good enough for 120 years are all of a sudden not fit for purpose.

There is going to be an AGM. I ask the members: please don't vote with this small group. Think of the history of the club, WG Grace and its place in the heart of Downend. If the development does go ahead, please name the main instigators so we know who they are. Maybe we could name the new flats after them so their names can go down in history. Walk off with your money. WG Grace is looking down at you.

C Glover


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