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Get Information on IPL Treatment in Somerset

By New Image  |  Posted: October 16, 2012

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Would you like to know

more about IPL (Intense Pulsating Light) Laser treatments in Somerset ? What is intense light ? and how does

it differ from laser ? Intense light machines differ from laser in several ways

but without becoming too technical IPL covers a larger area per a shot than


Secondly, IPL uses an entire waveband of

light while lasers produce light with only one wavelength. It is recognised

that different wavelengths enter and move through the skin to different depths

and consequently, IPL can be likened to using a group of lasers in just one


IPL can be used with great success for

permanent hair reduction on face and body also to reduce broken facial veins

and redness. It is also very successful is reducing hyperpigmentation and brown


Machines vary in their power with home use

IPl currently attracting a lot of attention but be warned going it at home can

take a much longer period of time than going to a professional clinic.

For the best results hair needs to have some

pigmentation, the darker the better and the surrounding skin to be much paler than

the hair. The light from the applicator is attracted to the melanin in the hair

follicle which absorbs the energy and heats to a degree that effectively kills

the follicle and stops it growing.

However, as most people naturally have

melanin in their skin that absorbs light energy and creates heat in the skin,

there is a real danger if this heat becomes too extreme; in this circumstance,

it can cause blistering or burns. For this reason, those with dark hair and

fair skin are the most appropriate candidates for these types of treatments and

the best and safest results are achieved in the winter months. Following

treatment, individuals are best advised to avoid the sun for a few weeks.

Redness and broken facial veins uses the same

principle but the applicator used is different in that it is attracted to the

haemoglobin which absorbs the light and converts it into heat. This heat

destroys the wall of the thread vein. As a result the veins will gradually fade

and disappear.

Hyperpigmentation and brown marks, age spots

etc. are targeted using a different applicator with a different light wavelength

to destroy the melanin in the skin. But again, it's the light that is turned

into energy and absorbed by the melanin to destroy the cells. The affected skin

becomes darker for a short time before the natural renewing process of the skin

means the marks fade.

Many, thousands of people have undergone this

treatment and are extremely happy with the results. Clinics had to be

registered with the Care Quality Commission prior to Oct 2011 but this not a requirement

since new regulations came into force. It is still important that you do your research

and ensure that you trust your skin to an reputable clinic with experienced and

highly trained therapists.



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