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Gloucestershire teacher Carolyn Keeling seduced 13-year-old pupil to have sex over two years, jury hears

By Western Daily Press  |  Posted: September 01, 2014

Gloucestershire teacher Carolyn Keeling seduced 13-year-old pupil, jury hears

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A woman teacher seduced a 13 year old boy pupil during a lesson and then launched into a two year sexual relationship with him, a jury was told today.

The affair started when Carolyn Keeling gave the boy wine and stripped off to her underwear to sunbathe during a home tuition session, Gloucester crown court was told.

Then she started touching him through his shorts and the pair had full sexual intercourse after she had fetched a condom from her car, alleged prosecutor Virginia Cornwall.

For the next two years the pair regularly had full sex at the boy's home while his parents were out, Mrs Cornwall said. They would often drink and smoke cannabis together.

Intercourse was usually vaginal but sometimes oral and even anal, said Mrs Cornwall.

Sex would also happen, she said, at outdoor locations including during local Hunt meetings which Ms Keeling attended and also when they went horse riding together. On occasions he also went to her home.

Ms Keeling, now 63, of Mote Farm, Moat Lane, Taynton. nr Gloucester, has pleaded not guilty to six charges of indecent assault, all against the same boy, when he was aged 13-15 between Sept 1993 and Sept 1996.

He is now aged 33 and a father of three, the court heard.

Mrs Cornwall said that the boy, who lived in the Forest of Dean, had been excluded from school when he was 12 and Mrs Keeling was one of the home tutors appointed to teach him.

She would visit his home 2-3 times a week and was given her own key to the house to let herself in. She would sometimes go into the boy's bedroom to wake him - even though he slept naked, Mrs Cornwall said.

She said that when Ms Keeling initiated the relationship the boy threw himself 'wholeheartedly' into it.

"This case is about a distorted relationship between an adult teacher and a child that was in her care. She was responsible for tutoring him on a one-to-one basis," said the prosecutor.

"It is an unusual case and you may think that immediately because there is a woman in the dock. She had an otherwise glowing career and has never been in trouble.

"He was excluded from school and that is why he came into contact with her. He was using drugs and had been in trouble with the police.

"In her police interview she talks about him in terms that are relatively affectionate. She talks about him as someone with potential.

"She smoked cannabis with him on occasions and on occasions they drank together.

"She saw him in circumstances that were inappropriate and the two of them had regular sexual intercourse. They would spend a great deal of time together.

"It was a relationship that developed over time, but in reality it was abuse because she was a woman in her 40s and he was a child. It was wrong."

The relationship ended when the boy ceased education at the age of 15 and said he did not want to take any exams, said the prosecutor, He then left home.

In his early twenties, however, he went back to Ms Keeling asking for a reference to get a job and they had sex twice more.

But, said the prosecutor, he realised that the teacher did not have the same interest in him as an adult mature male as she did when he was an immature boy.

In 2012 he felt troubled about what had happened in his youth and he told his partner and his mother. That led to him going to a sexual abuse referral centre and, as a result, calling the police.

Mrs Cornwall said that when arrested Ms Keeling denied that anything untoward had taken place and insisted their relationship was entirely innocent.

In evidence the alleged victim said it was when his own sons reached the ages of 12 and 13 that he realised what had happened to him as a boy was wrong - even though he had thought it was 'brilliant' at the time.

He told the jury of the day when Ms Keeling seduced him as they sat on his patio on a 'blazing hot day' when he was 13.

"She said 'Do you mind if I make myself more comfortable?' I said 'whatever.'

"She ended up taking her top off. She was in her bra. Then she took her trousers down and she was down to her underwear.

"I was thinking a few things. I was a young boy and I'm not saying I wasn't. Of course I was.

"I did find myself getting aroused. I tried to hide it basically. But she cottoned on and she sort of giggled a bit.

"She said 'don't worry about it, don't be embarassed. It's perfectly natural. Any man would in this sort of situation.'

"It led on from there. I started to stroke her legs and stuff and then she put her hand down and things led on. She put her mouth on my penis.

"It doesn't take much to develop the situation from there, does it?

"We were messing about a little bit. She said she had a condom in her car. I already knew she was seeing someone else apart from her husband and that's why she had a condom.

"She got the condom and we both put it on. I didn't know 100 percent how to do it properly, I wasn't an expert.

"We basically then had sex on the patio outside. I thought it was brilliant - I was 13 years old."

He told the jury that despite what had happened to him he felt bad about Ms Keeling being prosecuted because she had been a good teacher and a friend and he would not be able to read and write as well as he does if it had not been for her teaching.

But he added "I have got children now and if the same sort of thing happened to them at that age I would not be a happy person.

"As I get older I realised it was not right. I didn't look at it as abuse at the time, but now as a man in his thirties I know if I touched a 13-year-old girl I would expect the full force of the law."

He told the court that at the time of the alleged anujse, however, he thought the teacher, whom he called 'Mrs K', was as "cool as a cucumber" because of the way she dressed, her music tastes and the fact she got cannabis for them to smoke together.

Earlier, Ms Cornwall had told the jury that during the first sex session between Ms Keeling and the boy the condom split. She then told him she had taken a morning after pill because she would not have been able to get pregnant by her husband, who'd had a vasectomy.

The prosecutor asked the jury to consider why a teacher would ever tell a pupil her husband had undergone a vasectomy unless they were in a relationship.

The trial continues.

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