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Glastonbury Festival 2013: Why magical Glasto is 'best place on earth'

By This is Somerset  |  Posted: November 02, 2012

  • Fun in the mud at Glastonbury Festival

  • Fun in the sun at Glastonbury Festival

  • Crowds at the Glastonbury Festival

  • Huge crowds at Glastonbury Festival

  • The campsite at Glastonbury Festival

  • Glastonbury Festival

  • Muse on stage at Glastonbury in 2010

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Lucky 2013 Glastonbury Festival ticket-holders have told This is Somerset just why Glasto is the best music festival in the world.

Hundreds voted in our online poll to select a dream line-up for the 2013 Glastonbury Festival, with the Rolling Stones, Daft Punk and Fleetwood Mac topping the list of favourite headliners.

The Rolling Stones took 22 per cent of the vote, followed by Daft Punk with 10 per cent and Fleetwood Mac with eight per cent.

Other front-runners were Radiohead, Prince and David Bowie. Click here to see the full 2013 Glastonbury Festival dream line-up.

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Many more visitors took the opportunity to tell us why they love going to the Glastonbury Festival. Read a selection of comments and opinions below...

SARAH DAVIS, TAUNTON: "Glastonbury Festival is special, amazing and quite magical. Every year is different and it is the best in the world."

KATE HAYDEN, BATH: "There is no other festival like it. It's crazy, diverse, interesting, hilarious."

MATT QUINLAN, SHEFFIELD: "Everyone loves each other. Nobody fights. The music is awesome. The after hours are mental."

MARK BRYARS, GLASGOW: "The variety of arts, crafts, music, circus and theatre that you can get involved with and participate in and discover, and amazing people that you can meet whilst doing so, is totally unique and always exciting."

PHOEBE OSBORN, CAMBRIDGE: "It has a good atmosphere, great fun and fantastic music."

JAMES MAY, READING: "It's like no other festival I've ever been to, and I've been to quite a few! I also love the fact that, should you so desire, you can not see a single band and never be bored or find yourself scratching around for something to do. It's just amazing."

SIAN WYNNE, HYDE: "The chance to see bands you'd never get the opportunity to see otherwise. Glastonbury attracts legends!"

MARK SEARS, DARTFORD: "Glastonbury Festival is a magical place where, even if you hate music, you would still have a great time. Everyone I have met there are friendly and I have yet to have any bad experiences. We normally camp in campervan field and last year we got there on Tuesday. I love the view from the east side overlooking the festival."

ADRIAN INGRAM, BRISTOL: "The best festival by far, due to the atmosphere, the organisation and the variety on offer."

STUART McFEAT, LONDON: "It is the best place on earth. Somewhere you can hit as hard as you like, or just lay back and enjoy. Amazing."

KATHARINE BENJAMIN, LONDON: "For five days a year it's the greatest place on the earth and nothing compares to it."

JULIE SANDERSON, MANCHESTER: "There's no other festival like it. It's kind of like living at a Disneyland for adults."

NIC JONES, LONDON: "Glasto's the absolute highlight of my year - it's just so free and liberating, total escapism. Apart from the music and the setting (the Somerset Levels are one of my favourite places in the world), I love the fact that everyone you see is happy, relaxed and part of this massive shared experience which, at the height of the weekend, will see 100,000+ people singing their hearts out together. Even though some people complain it's too commercial, I don't think it will ever lose its soul."

JADE NORMAN, LEICESTER: "It's the most magical and perfect place in the world. You can do whatever and be whoever you want, and everyone accepts you for it. It's a beautiful place to be."

DAVID HAYES, SWANSEA: "It gives me something to look forward to in my dull working life."

STU HIRST, LONDON: "What's not to love? It is the best arts festival on the planet!"

CARMEL O'CALLAGHAN, MIDSOMER NORTON: "It has such a brilliant atmosphere and a guaranteed great line-up. It's more than just a festival."

VICTORIA WOOD, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD: "I've always wanted to go and this will be my first time. I think it's the festival of all festivals. I can't wait. Roll on next summer!"

AMY HASLER, SOUTH MOLTON: "It's a place to forget the real world for a weekend and feel the friendliness and love that you won't get anywhere else."

CHRIS PAZ, TROWBRIDGE: "It's like nowhere on earth. You see the craziest stuff going on and all inhibitions seem to be left at home."

LAWRENCE HUGHES, BURY: "The people, good people, being themselves for one week only. If the spirit stayed alive, what people we would be."

KERRY GOODLAND, SHEPTON MALLET: "I love the music, the atmosphere, the people you meet. Come rain or shine, or just lots of rain, it's always the best place to be."

GARETH EDWARDS, WREXHAM: "A place to completely lose yourself and forget about all your worries. A truly magical and peaceful chill-out second to none. Love it."

ARAN PORTER, LONDON: "Everything from passing the Tor on the way to the festival to waking up Monday morning with all the great memories to keep you going until the next year."

LAURA WATKINS, LONDON: "It's amazing! Great atmosphere! Millions of things you wouldn't normally see. It's like a pop-up town for a week!"

JAQUI SPENCE, BUDE: "It's the coming together and creating a small town for the week, everyone just gets on and has a good time. You can camp where you like, bring in your own drink and be treated like adults unlike other more commercial festivals. It's like no other event. Taking my boyfriend for his first Glasto and I can't wait!"

FIONA CUNNINGHAM, IRELAND: "The things I love about it are the freedom, the vastness, the variety of everything, not only music. I'm sooooo looking forward to it. I know Emily said The Stone Roses aren't playing but I've still got my fingers crossed - it'd be the ultimate for me."

CHRIS COLLINGS, YEOVIL: "It's like another world in a different time zone. I don't give a thought to the outside world!"

EMMA LEEWORTHY, BRISTOL: "It's more than just a music festival. It's a chance to escape from the real world for a weekend."

LINDSEY IONS, HIGH WYCOMBE: "It is such a beautiful location and the festival itself provides escapism from real life for a few days. The atmosphere is amazing and there is such diversity. I couldn't think of a better way to spend time with friends."

DAVID MANSFIELD, AYLESBURY: "It's utterly unique. Everyone is happy as there is always somewhere for everyone to go. Be you a punk, a rocker, a hippy or just a music lover. I've been four times and I've still not seen all of the festival. It's the most magical place in the world. I really couldn't bare thinking of never going again. It means so much to me and a few friends! Long live Michael Eavis!"

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