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Eating in season

By AdFeatures  |  Posted: January 24, 2013

Eating in season

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We’ve all seen the campaigns from government ministers, health and education professionals and celebrity chefs encouraging us to eat better meals. One of the ways that we are encouraged to shop for our food is to buy locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, but why should we do this? What are the advantages to eating in season?

Firstly there’s a cost benefit. Buying products that are grown in the UK, when they’re in season, means that they are cheaper due to transport costs being kept down. So eating recipes using seasonal ingredients means it costs less to feed you and your family.

There’s also an environmental benefit to this. Very often in supermarkets, you’ll see that green beans have been flown in from Kenya, or lamb from New Zealand. As a result the carbon footprint of this food is huge, and, knowing what we know about the damage that air travel does to the environment, enormously harmful. The more that you can eat locally sourced ingredients, the less environmental impact your food will have.

Another benefit to buying seasonally means that you can support your local economy. The best places to buy seasonal produce are not from big supermarkets but your local butcher, grocer or market. Buying from these shops not only helps to support small local businesses, keeping the high street alive, but also their suppliers – your local farmers and producers.

Last but by no means least, buying seasonally means that your food tastes better! Food loses flavour over time, and so, particularly when it comes to vegetables, freshly picked produce will taste better and have more nutrients than produce from the other side of the world.

So whether you look at it economically, environmentally or gastronomically, there are plenty of good reasons to eat seasonal produce. Inspired? Visit a site like www.eatseasonably.co.uk to find out what’s in season right now!

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