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Chris Moncrieff: David Cameron is far too laid-back given Ukip threat

By Western Daily Press  |  Posted: January 07, 2014

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If David Cameron is not already panicking about the emergence of the United Kingdom Independence Party, it's probably about time he did.

A new poll claims two-thirds of the British people want to leave the European Union. Now, a lot of people deride the findings of political opinion polls, but this figure should still be alarming to people – like the Prime Minister – who are basically pro-Europe.

Meanwhile, as Ukip's membership continues to rise, Conservative Party membership is falling. And there is reliable speculation that in a substantial number of presently Tory-held seats, the effect of the Ukip vote could split the Tory vote to such a degree it could let Labour in. And this is a finding of a pro-Tory consortium.

As such, a controversial plan is mooted which would enable Tory and Ukip supporters to "swap" votes in a bid to prevent this happening. But trying to induce the electorate to get involved in any form of tactical voting is more difficult than it might appear.

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There are only about 16 months before the next general election must take place, and if Cameron is to keep Labour out of power and, also, be able to form a one-party, non-coalition Government, he has a lot of hard thinking to do and a lot of tough action to take.

Some of his supporters suspect his attitude to the threats faced by the Conservatives is far too laid-back. He had better change this – and fast.

Jamie Oliver may know how to make the perfect souffle but he certainly has some bizarre ideas about further education.

Oliver says he would be shocked if one of his children went to university.

Well, Oliver never went to university because that kind of education is not required to make a Victoria sponge. However, what if any of his children want to be doctors, or surgeons or even rocket scientists? It is unlikely any child would get the required qualifications and knowledge anywhere but a university.

David Cameron seems to be going to great lengths to recruit Karren Brady, the West Ham United executive and entrepreneur who recently accompanied the Prime Minister to China, as a Conservative MP. He has, outrageously in my view, offered her the choice of six "safe" Tory seats to fight in next year's general election.

Sensibly, she has declined.

She has far more scope for achievements by remaining a private person.

But what is also – and perhaps more – important, is why should Cameron be telling local constituency parties which candidates they should adopt?

Britain's overseas aid programme is a shambles and an insult to the British taxpayer. The latest astonishing fact to be revealed is that we are forking out £2 million a year to Argentina – of all countries! Somerset Tory MP Ian Liddell-Grainger spoke for many when he said: "People will be rightly shocked that we are giving money to Argentina at a time when they are trying to stop our shipping from going to the Falklands and threatening to prosecute companies that explore for oil there."

If Nigel (now Lord) Lawson still has any influence over his feisty daughter, Nigella, he might tell her that she would be doing herself a favour by shutting up for a while. She has been describing her period in the witness box during the recent court case as "mortifying" but adding that she "did not do" self-pity.

But there was nothing unusual or savage about the cross-examination she was put under. She was appearing as a prosecution witness and it is the duty of counsel representing the defence in these cases to discredit witnesses on the other side.

Apart from which, we are all getting rather bored with all her outpourings.

Equally, it might not go amiss if the Prime Minister had a quiet word with his brother Alex, a Queen's Counsel who appears to have been backing the lawyers' strike designed to undermine the Government's legal aid reforms. For heaven's sake, the British taxpayer is having to fork out six-figure sums each year in legal aid. And it is about time this ludicrous amount of public money was the subject – like so many other services – to cuts.

And it's not like these lawyers are exactly on the bread line.

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  • Free2opine  |  January 07 2014, 1:41PM

    ps Let us hope for a Happy, ground breaking New Year for UKIP and all its supporters. :))))

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  • Free2opine  |  January 07 2014, 1:37PM

    Quite right eurosceptic.......UKIP are gaining votes from all sections of the population, even immigrants who came here pre-1960! If the Tories think that former Tories will just cave in come the elections, then I feel they have a rude awakening on the horizon. I have spoken to many Labour voters who are not only fed up with the Tory policy on immigration and the EU generally, but, they are also fed up with Labour's stance on the EU. Cometh the hour, cometh the dawn.

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  • eurosceptic  |  January 07 2014, 8:37AM

    A vote for UKIP is just that ... a vote for UKIP. It is becoming increasingly clear that there are just as many former Labour voters who are fed up with the way the country is going and prefer UKIP's policies to Labour's - particularly in respect to the EU and freedom of movement. Thise who think voting UKIP will let Labour in are in for a bit of a shock. UKIP is attracting new voters from everywhere.

    |   8