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Commercial Biomass Boilers for Schools

By Roundwood Energy  |  Posted: December 16, 2013

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Schools could make significant savings on their current heating bills by replacing their existing fossil fuelled heating system with commercial biomass boilers.

Biomass fuel such as wood pellets and wood chips are known as a carbon neutral fuel. By using biomass energy as an alternative to fossil fuels such as oil and LPG, schools would be making large savings on their carbon dioxide emissions as well as their heating bills. Furthermore, by having a biomass boiler installed within school grounds, teachers are able to demonstrate a working example of low carbon technology.

Many biomass boilers have already been installed in a number of schools around the UK. With the ongoing increases in fossil fuel prices there is a growing need to reduce energy costs. This is particularly evident within independent schools and academies as they have less financial support from local authorities. Despite this, local authorities are increasingly aware of the benefits of biomass and many of their schools have also had commercial biomass boilers installed.

Numerous schools with biomass are reporting thousands of pounds worth of savings on their fuel bills. Replacing a fossil fuel heating system with a biomass boiler makes sense both economically and in carbon reduction. If the school's current fossil fuel boilers are due for renewal it would be particularly beneficial to consider a free biomass installation.

Commercial biomass boilers are sized accordingly for every school to ensure that their heat requirements have been met. Roundwood and their experienced technical department will work with the school to design a system that is specific to their needs. They will also fully manage the installation and ongoing aftercare.

Biomass boilers are much larger than conventional fossil fuel boilers and therefore require more space for a boiler room. However, by having a biomass boiler installed by Roundwood Energy, the boiler can be supplied in a pre-fabricated plantroom that can be easily sited outside, freeing up valuable indoor space which can be otherwise used for educational purposes.

Schools require constant heating, particularly during the winter months. With a wood fuel externally managed, this no longer becomes a burden and schools would not be expected to bear the labour costs of ongoing maintenance.

Roundwood would manage any routine and non-routine maintenance, fuel supply and regular servicing. As a Roundwood customer the school would simply receive an energy usage bill at an agreed energy rate per kWh. This energy rate would be at a minimum saving of around 10-15% on current heating bills.

With the ability to receive renewable energy finance from Roundwood Energy it makes perfect sense for schools to adopt green energy solutions by installing a commercial biomass boiler.

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