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Combat energy price hikes by switching to renewable energy solutions

By Roundwood Energy  |  Posted: December 17, 2013

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Rising energy costs is prominent in the media at the moment and an issue that every business needs to address in order to survive in the current competitive climate. The energy marketplace is one of the fastest changing industries across the UK and this has resulted in many businesses struggling to make a decision on long term energy deals.

In the last ten years, the cost of oil alone has increased by 500%. Other fossil fuels have begun to follow suit and this fuel price volatility has left many businesses uncertain of how fuel prices might rise, they therefore have no confidence in their fuel provider and are left undecided on the numerous energy deals currently on the market.

With the government making challenging promises to their EU counterparts they have set themselves demanding targets to meet. In doing so they have developed a number of financial incentives in order to persuade businesses to take steps towards renewable energy solutions. Many renewable heat installations are often costly. Even with the promise of payback via the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) some businesses find it difficult to provide the capital. One solution is for businesses to go through an Energy Services Company (ESCO) in a bid to beat the rising prices of conventional fossil fuels without having to raise the capital investment up-front.

There many different biomass options that can be tailored to meet individual business requirements. There are a number of biomass heating systems that can be suited to different sectors from schools and community centres to farms and hotels. Bespoke options can also be created to maximise business processes and increase system efficiency.

Roundwood Energy has recently delivered some impressive biomass solutions for schools, where a single installation has seen 850kW of commercial biomass boilers replace 20 gas and oil boilers. This installation was at no cost to the school and in return they have received significant fuel savings.

By signing up to renewable energy finance with Roundwood Energy, businesses commit in to a Heat Sale Agreement which fixes their energy price for five years. This is guaranteed to give them a minimum of 15% day one savings on their current fuel bills. In this instance, by reducing energy bills the school is projected to save in excess of £100,000 in their first five years. These savings will continue for the full contract term, in this case twenty years.

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