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Bristol man William Stephens jailed for six years after killing baby daughter Paris Vince-Stephens in Bristol

By GeoffBennett  |  Posted: December 14, 2013

  • JAILED: William Stephens

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FATHER William Stephens has been jailed for six years after being found guilty of killing his baby daughter.

Stephens, 25, of Fonthill Road, Southmead, denied manslaughter of 16 weeks old Paris

Danah Vince, 19, of Mendip Road, Portishead, denied causing or allowing the tot’s death.

A jury of eight men and four women convicted Stephens, who has low intellect, and acquitted Vince.

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Bristol Crown Court heard the infant was admitted to Bristol Children’s Hospital with “catastrophic” head injuries in January.

It was claimed her injuries were either caused by shaking, banging her head against a soft surface or a combination of the two.

The Honourable Mr Justice Teare told Stephens: “Loss of temper or control has resulted in a fatal act of violence to a defenceless baby.

"You have a serious learning disability and it is possible it inhibited your appreciation of what conduct is dangerous to a baby.

"You will have to live with the fact that you killed your daughter."

Christopher Quinlan QC, opening the trial on behalf of the prosecution on October 22, said Paris was admitted to Bristol Children’s Hospital late in the afternoon of Friday, January 11.

He said: “She had catastrophic and fatal head injuries.

“She died in the early hours the following Monday morning when her medical treatment ceased.

“The doctors could do no more for Paris.

“She was 16 weeks old. She died from head injuries caused shortly before she collapsed on that Friday afternoon.

“The prosecution’s case is one of these defendants, the mother or father, caused those injuries, caused them by shaking her or by banging her head into contact with a soft surface or a combination of the two.”

Mr Quinlan said the defendant who did not kill the baby was criminally responsible for her death as they should have appreciated a significant risk of harm to the child and failed to take steps which could reasonably be taken.

He said: “That defendant failed Paris. That failure was culpable and it was criminal.”

When interviewed, William denied responsibility and claimed he had not touched Paris at all that day.

Vince also denied responsibility, saying she left Paris alone on that Friday afternoon with Stephens.

Mr Quinlan said the young parents had a “volatile” relationship and there was evidence of them arguing and fighting.

He said social services stepped in and the couple signed agreements of no domestic violence.

But, even though Stephens was supposed to stay away from Vince, the court heard there was evidence he was still living with Vince in Brentry.

Mr Quinlan said a student social worker then took on the case, before Stephens appeared before Bristol magistrates following a disturbance at the flat and was handed a restraining order to keep away.

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  • SDW_1980  |  December 14 2013, 11:28AM

    God Id love to be a social worker, there would be no ***** footing around any issues with me. "let me tell you something Mr Stephens, If i come back here and one hair on that babys head is harmed, one mark, ill be back here son and ill be here with the police, and we will sort this issue for you" If only!

    |   12
  • minutemen  |  December 13 2013, 7:48PM

    Sounds like the parents were a risk to the child the minute she was born but social services felt it wise to give the case to a "student social worker". If both parents had a learning difficulty and were known to have violent arguments why was there no support from a a qualified social worker and support teams to ensure that they were coping with a new child?

    |   7
  • harryreg_uk  |  December 13 2013, 7:06PM

    why the hell are they called "Honourable"? - there isn't an once of honour among them!

    |   6
  • Lexi89  |  December 13 2013, 5:56PM

    The judge needs investigating ASAP !!!!!!! this baby has not got justice in the slightest feel for the family of that baby that cared and loved her they have lost something very special and should have got justice he should serve life and never get Out CHILDREN are not safe when you have judges giving killers *****philes rapists 4/5/6 years they are then free to do it again because they are sick individuals that don't deserve to breath and live in society if we had the death penalty that would be better but we don't so they should make sure they never get out but they are not they are failing society ! I don't know how you will sleep tonight your so called honour !

    |   10
  • royaljoe  |  December 13 2013, 4:54PM

    How on earth did this judge get to the position he is today. A complete disgrace. What would he have done if someone in his family was killed in the same way. Judge Hold your head in shame.

    |   14
  • Lexi89  |  December 13 2013, 4:23PM

    This makes me sick to the stomach not that I condone this but I no somebody who got 10 years for wounding intent the victim (adult ) did not die made a full recovery and yet this judge thinks its ok to give this vile evil scum bag 6 years hes served nearly a year already so will be free in 2 years (a disability my back side ! did not stop him taking drugs stealing burgling people did it and then killing his own child ) the system is so wrong it's unreal a innocent beautiful child has died at the hands of a monster and the so called mother gets off Scott free for not protecting her child yet she feels its ok to go out celebrating being acquitted sick sick people !!! Hope that poor baby can now finally rest :(

    |   7
  • IanSW  |  December 13 2013, 2:21PM

    Sheep69 - Cant you read? Vince was charged with "causing or allowing the tot's death". She was acquitted by the jury.

    |   3
  • samsung  |  December 13 2013, 2:07PM

    if he was on fire I wouldn't douse the flames.send him to hell.

    |   12
  • harryreg_uk  |  December 13 2013, 2:03PM

    6 years for a little life - don't any of these gutless Judges have a conciousness? - they are the real enemy of this country!

    |   17
  • sheep69  |  December 13 2013, 1:39PM

    Mr Quinlan said the defendant who did not kill the baby was criminally responsible for her death as they should have appreciated a significant risk of harm to the child and failed to take steps which could reasonably be taken. So why wasn't the mother charged with anything then!! Shes just as guilty

    |   11